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NOW, for the first-time ever, the recruitable athlete can control the recruiting process and leverage their talent to obtain the best scholarship at the right fit school. 

Help your players take the confusion out of the recruiting process!

RecruitsIQ is the only software platform in existence that organizes team data by scoring each and every key team attribute, and then makes it accessible for the recruitable athlete to use when evaluating school options.

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We ARE a COLLEGE COMPARISON and SPORTS TECH COMPANY providing a data-driven EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM for the recruitable athlete.

The nation's FIRST and ONLY all-inclusive data-driven college sports RESEARCH PLATFORM ... designed and built for the recruitable athlete and parent.

SportTechie is the world’s leading global sports technology resource covering the latest technological innovations, ideas, and products that impact the sports industry.

A computer software platform that organizes performance data, historical trends, and recruiting tendencies of college athletic teams and then makes it accessible for the high school athlete who desires to play college sports.


  • The #1 online software platform and college comparison tool for recruitable high school athletes and parents
  • The FIRST and ONLY data-driven solution that provides an OBJECTIVE evaluation of all college programs
  • The must-have STARTING POINT for every high school athlete who desires to play college sports
  • Built by a D1 National Championship Collegiate Baseball Coach
  • Designed by the nation's #1 college baseball recruiter, who landed the Nation's #1 ranked recruiting class
  • Benefit #1: TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY

    True OBJECTIVE data on every college baseball program at every level

  • Benefit #2: OPPORTUNITIES

    The recruitable athlete will open more doors and opportunities than ever before

Both parents and athletes feel the college recruiting experience is less stressful and more enjoyable when they know so much about each college program and have the data to back it up.

  • Benefit #3: SAVE MONEY

    Families can save tens of thousands of dollars per year trying to get exposure and visiting schools

  • Benefit #4: SAVE TIME

    Eliminates the wasted time searching the internet for hard-to-find information and truth on college programs, coaches, and team rosters

  • Benefit #5: SAVE MORE MONEY

    Eliminates the need of “wasted money” on a so-called “recruiting service” that provides false hopes and are not used by college coaches


    Learn exactly what college coaches are looking for and how the recruiting process works

The foundation


We are focused on drastically influencing the transition process of ALL college-bound athletes and systematically improving amateur athletics through a positive sports playing experience.


iRecruit1440, a Nashville-based sports technology startup, is innovating at the intersection of truth and reality by creating the first-ever SaaS multi-sport educational software platform designed to help high school athletes evaluate and choose college athletic programs. The RecruitsIQ computer application is built to connect, match and align high school athletes with college programs according to preferred attributes preferences, personal traits, geographical selection, and academic criteria.


To support all individuals, in the world of sports & leadership, dedicated to enhancing human potential and committed to achieving performance excellence, by inspiring them to understand, and then implement, the performance intangibles of a champion, which will eventually lead them in achieving their preferred-future.


THE ONLY educational-focused software platform that empowers high-school athletes in the college selection process through comparative analytics.

By blending performance data with search and filter technology, our patent-pending process, system, and algorithm enables the recruitable athlete to leverage and align their talent to secure the best scholarship at the right level.


Flip on the TV and turn on any MLB baseball game, and within the first 10 minutes, you will see a defensive shift implemented. WHY, because data doesn't LIE. It doesn't always tell the complete truth, but it doesn't lie. MLB teams have been quick to use data and technology to help them win. Look at the MLB teams who are doing it the best ... They lead divisions and win championships (aka Astros).

We are taking this same approach to the college selection process.

So, if data doesn't LIE, and your can't judge a book by its cover, then data and technology should be used in the college selection and recruiting process. Coach David Grewe, and his team, have created a very detailed algorithm that ranks and scores every KEY aspect of a college baseball program. On top of that, their computer application matches athletes with schools and programs via the TWO ranking scores produced through the algorithm. An overall score that indicates how a program ranks according to every KEY attribute. And then a "FITFACTOR" score that aligns a program to an athlete's chosen preferences.

See, from Coach Grewe's experiences coaching at the college level, you can't just say a program is elite because they had a good winning percentage. It's critical to look at the entire program and all the performance attributes. How did they do in the post-season? Did they graduate their players? Did they prepare their players for the key moments of the game? Did they have good leadership? Did they develop their hitters? How about their pitchers? And on, and on, and on ...

From an insider perspective, we have created the most objective standard (we don't believe in opinions) and comprehensive platform of scoring college baseball programs ... according to the KEY attributes below:

  • Yearly W/L %
  • Hitting Development
  • Pitching Development
  • Fielding Development
  • Program Support
  • Program Leadership
  • Structural Development
  • Recruiting Balance (Version 2.0)
  • Recruiting Rankings (Version 2.0)
  • Positional Balance (Version 2.0)
  • Post Season Advancement
  • Overall Competitiveness
  • Conference Competitiveness
  • Pro Ball Preparation
  • Game Day Preparation
  • Program Stability
  • Academic Success
  • Player Retention (Version 2.0)
  • Player Honors (Version 2.0)
  • JUCO Placement (Version 2.0)

iRecruit1440 and RecruitsIQ is built from ELITE Experiences

  • Recruiting Rankings Recruiting Rankings D1 Baseball
    Coach Grewe was the nation's top recruiter for three consecutive years as he was the only D1 college baseball recruiting coordinator to secure three straight top-7 nationally ranked classes. He is the only college baseball recruiting coordinator to land the nation's #1 ranked class while loosing several recruits to professional baseball for a combined signing bonus allotment of over $10 Million dollars.
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  • National Champion National Champion College World Series
    Coach Grewe won a D1 national championship in Omaha, NE at the College World Series as seen on ESPN. As recruiting coordinator, three of his recruits were selected in the top-10 picks of the MLB draft, and all three are currently playing in the big leagues.
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  • D1 Head Coach D1 Head Coach Big Ten Conference
    Coach Grewe was hired at the age of 29 to lead a D1 Program, making him the youngest power5 conference head coach in the Nation. His coaching staff recruited the #1 ranked class in the Big Ten (ranked by Baseball America. Included in that class, were the Big Ten Player-of-the Year, Pitcher-of-the-Year, and the schools all-time hits leader.
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iRecruit1440 is committed to using the most comprehensive data on U.S. schools and college baseball programs. We analyze and review several public data sets to compile the most up-to-date information to help student-athletes understand the complete truth about schools and programs - SAVE TIME. 


iRecruit1440 uses data from dozens of public data sources such as: The US Department of Education, The National Center for Educational Statistics, and yearly and weekly performance baseball stats. Data will be updated twice per year, and with version 2.0 the application will be mobile responsive and scoring will be updated on a weekly basis during the college season. 

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