Three Ways To Gain EXPOSURE

to the "RIGHT" college recruiters!

Coach Grewe's g3 Process


NOW, for the first-time ever, the recruitable athlete can control the recruiting process and leverage their talent to obtain the best scholarship at the right fit school. 

We help take the confusion out of the recruiting process!

RecruitsIQ is the only software platform in existence that organizes team data by scoring each and every key program attribute, and then makes it accessible for the recruitable athlete to use when evaluating school options.

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built from in-the-game coaching and recruiting experiences from these major conferences and schools

It is strict company policy that all members of the iRecruit1440 leadership team, including Coach David Grewe, have NO direct contact with ANY college coaches to discuss players, programs needs or wants, or anything related to help place a player (WE ARE NOT a recruiting company). Also note, Coach David Grewe has zero contact with any former schools, coaches, administrators, or staff members, including his coaching stops at LSU, MSU, Notre Dame, CMU, and UC. This proves that the entire iRecruit1440 platform is completely objective and non-biased. Again, Coach Grewe has absolutely NO contact with former coaches or schools in which he coached. All school rankings is solely based from performance data.