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We operate at the intersection of big data and college recruiting

Using 1440 minutes in the day, we believe the recruitable athlete should OWN their individual (i) recruiting process to find, and then commit to, the right fit program and school.

Coach Grewe's CSP™ Formula = Coach + School + Program

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The nation's FIRST and ONLY all-inclusive data-driven college sports RESEARCH PLATFORM ... designed and built for the recruitable athlete and parent.

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SAVE MONEY and TIME ... Now, for the first-time ever, the recruitable athlete can control the recruiting process and leverage their talent to obtain the best scholarship at the right fit school. 

Taking confusion and frustration out of the recruiting process!

RecruitsIQ is the only software platform in existence that organizes team data by scoring each and every key team attribute.

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A computer software platform that organizes performance data, historical trends, and recruiting tendencies of college athletic teams and then places it at the fingertips of college-bound athletes.


Do you believe recruitable athletes should be able to know the complete truth of a program by analyzing and evaluating all aspects of performance? WE DO, and that's WHY we built RecruitsIQ.

Founded by national champion collegiate baseball coach and nation's #1 recruiter, David "Red" Grewe, RecruitsIQ is an easy-to-use software platform that provides an objective evaluation of all college athletic teams.

Here's the TRUTH

The vast majority of high school athletes and parents lack the knowledge and understanding of the college recruiting process. Even the families who experience it with one child can be overwhelmed going through it again with another child. Many recruits and parents just let the process run its course. And ultimately, the college recruiting process leaves them feeling confused, frustrated, and/or left out.

Add to that, there are no easy ways of evaluating the inner-workings of college sport programs. And because the recruiting process is the lifeblood of college athletics, nothing will ever change from a college coaches perspective.

The solution is to eliminate confusion and create balance by putting power into the hands of the athlete!

We EMPOWER the recruitable athlete to fulfill their DREAM by finding and committing to the right FIT program with the right fit SCHOLARSHIP.

Are you a high school baseball player that aspires to play college baseball or parent that wants their son to earn a scholarship? 

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