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A deep dive in our computer app

Where does the data come from?

We acquire data from the same sources that all major colleges and universities use to report … The Department of Education’s Integrated Post-Secondary Data System.

The NCAA acquires student-athlete graduation rate data from the Department of Education’s Integrated Post-Secondary Data System Graduation Rate Survey (IPEDS-GRS). http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/research/graduation-rates

How do you score and rank college baseball programs?

We have built a very detailed algorithm and have filed a patent for it. Our algorithm is our patented intellectual property. The “program attributes” for the sport of baseball are what we believe recruits and families should evaluate before making a choice / commitment.


Each and every attribute is scored according to our proprietary algorithm using different data points, including yearly performance data, combined stats of team performance (ex. bb+hbp / K’s = bbhk ratio), historical performance data over a set date range, national graduation rates, etc.


We wanted to make sure our algorithm was built the right way and completely different than anything in amateur athletics. Opinions on programs are not our business. That is left up to the athlete, their coaches, their agents, and the process that will always be.


It’s easy to look at rankings or W/L% polls … but how many players are actually recruited by those programs, and in truth, W/L is not the “end-all be-all” of programs. For example, Florida won the natty in 2017, but they did not have the top-ranked performance excellence score in our platform. Are they in scoring in our top 10, absolutely, but not scored #1. They received the top score for post-season success for sure.


And most importantly, ALL college programs scored in our platform are ranked (displayed on search page – not compared) against only programs in an equal comp set … ex. NAIA only … D3 only … D1 only …


We are a college comparison company with a very objective approach to comparing, scoring and ranking … apples to apples, not apples to oranges.


In the near future, we are going to implement a simple star system assigned to each program attribute.

Are you a recruiting company?

NO … NO … NO! You don’t need a recruiting company and college coaches don’t want to hear from recruiting companies. They want to hear from YOU … the player! And only YOU … the player. That’s why we have an email system built into our computer application.

How often do you update data?

ALL THE TIME … We will be updating baseball version 1.0 every week until the 2018 season starts. Our ultimately goal is to update data for all 11 sports applications every week during the season of competition and twice during the off-season.

Is there only one membership option?

YES … Right now we are offering this special one-time membership. It’s for all of our NEW members and for those who want to build this with us … For this special offer, we are only offering a one-time signup option for a one-time fee.

One of the main reasons we are doing this is that we want to reward our founding members with a lifetime-high school membership at a major discounted rate – savings of $100.

Will you promise that I will get a college scholarship?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! HECK NO .. If someone is promising you that they will get you a college scholarship, then run as fast and as far away from that person as you can.

NO PERSON can do that … Only you can do that. Scholarships are given to players based on talent and timing.

What we will do is open more doors (that are the right fit) than you can ever do yourself. And for players that have the talent, we help them navigate the process and make the right decisions.

What data and information is in Baseball Version 1.0

By our January release, we will have program Program Excellence Scores for every D1, D2, D3, NAIA, CCCAA, NWAC, and 70% of all NJCAA programs … One of the reasons we are offering a special signup cost is for those determined to join us from the start!

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