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Here's the TRUTH

The vast majority of high school athletes and parents lack the knowledge and understanding of the college recruiting process. Even the families who experience it with one child can be overwhelmed going through it again with another child. Many athletes and parents just let the process run its course. And ultimately, the college recruiting process leaves them feeling confusing, frustrating, and left out.

Add to that, there are no easy ways of evaluating the inner-workings of college sport programs. And no way of comparing scholarship offers and schools. Because the recruiting process is the lifeblood of college athletics, nothing will ever change from a college coaches perspective.

The solution is to eliminate confusion and create balance by putting power back in the hands of the athlete! This is done through our RecruitsIQ Online Training Academy and our new  computer software platform.


First, there are multiple factors that go into the college recruiting and selection process (for example, cost of scholarship, cost of school, playing opportunities, location of school, reputation of coach, success of programs).

Secondly, the competitive nature of the industry creates a lack of transparency. Players and families have a very difficult time knowing the truth and inner workings of every program.

Finally, every recruit has different needs and wants and therefore, the process is unique each athlete based on talent.

Now, instead of being confused with what college coaches are saying, overwhelmed with school options, or frustrated with the limited amount of time to choose a dream school, the recruitable high school athletes will have the data and information.

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