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iRecruit1440 is the first and only college comparison company built for ALL high-school athletes. We score and rank the key program attributes in college programs so recruits and aspiring college-bound athletes will know the "insider truth" and remove any doubt as to the best FIT program and school before they make a commitment.

Our computer application uses a proprietary algorithm to SCORE and RANK college athletic programs on key program attributes essential to recruits and parents!

iRecruit1440 is built from ELITE Experiences

  • Recruiting Rankings Recruiting Rankings D1 Baseball
    Coach Grewe was the nation's top recruiter for three consecutive years as he was the only D1 college baseball recruiting coordinator to secure three straight top-7 nationally ranked classes. He is the only college baseball recruiting coordinator to land the nation's #1 ranked class while loosing several recruits to professional baseball for a combined signing bonus allotment of over $10 Million dollars.
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  • National Champion National Champion College World Series
    Coach Grewe won a D1 national championship in Omaha, NE at the College World Series as seen on ESPN. As recruiting coordinator, three of his recruits were selected in the top-10 picks of the MLB draft, and all three are currently playing in the big leagues.
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  • D1 Head Coach D1 Head Coach Big Ten Conference
    Coach Grewe was hired at the age of 29 to lead a D1 Program, making him the youngest power5 conference head coach in the Nation. His coaching staff recruited the #1 ranked class in the Big Ten (ranked by Baseball America. Included in that class, were the Big Ten Player-of-the Year, Pitcher-of-the-Year, and the schools all-time hits leader.
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    Pre-Season Throwing Program

    This is the pre-season throwing and running program used by our D1 National Championship Team. Use this in accordance with the guidance and direction from your high school coach.

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    Ab and Back Program

    This is an ab workout program used by college baseball players who won a D1 National Championship Team. Use this in accordance with the guidance and direction from your high school coach.

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    Progressive Leg Workout

    This is a progressive leg workout program used by college baseball players who won a D1 National Championship Team. Use this in accordance with the guidance and direction from your high school coach.



not a recruiting company

rather a CRITICAL NEW PROCESS and computer app used to evaluate college programs

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ... You can see how a school ranks, on a 1-100 scale, (all D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and NJCAA programs) through a proprietary algorithm created by NCAA D1 National Champion Coach, David Grewe.

The baseball program overall PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE score (PE SCORE) is comprised from values derived from key performance categories (14 for version 1.0). These performance categories cover all aspects of a college baseball program.

The search component is designed to match the student-athlete’s level of importance (PIL = Player Importance Level) with each program attribute that makes up the overall PE SCORE. This is called the “FITFACTOR” SCORE. This score (1-100) is a matching indicator aligning the student-athlete's PIL with the schools true level of performance excellence of each attribute. It is also filtered according to academic fit and geographical location.

END RESULT: Athletes choose the right program and school. Athletes and parents use our computer application to FIND programs that are a great FIT and/or, 2) COMPARE programs against each other both before and after the scholarship offer has been made. 

The foundation


Drastically influence the transition process of ALL college-bound athletes and positively help amateur athletes through a positive sports playing experience.  


iRecruit1440, a Nashville-based sports technology startup, is innovating at the intersection of truth and reality by creating the first-ever SaaS multi-sport educational platform designed to help high school athletes evaluate and choose college athletic programs. The application is built to connect, match and align high school athletes with college programs according to preferred attributes preferences, personal traits, geographical selection, and academic criteria.


To support all individuals, in the world of sport leadership, dedicated to enhancing human potential and committed to achieving performance excellence by inspiring them to understand, and then implement, the performance intangibles of a champion, which will eventually lead them in achieving their preferred-future + next-level status.


An educational SaaS platform empowering high-school athletes in the college selection process through comparative analytics.

By blending performance data with search and filter technology, our patent-pending process, system, and algorithm scores and ranks college athletic programs.

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