Message To High School Baseball Players:

This is a quick note to let you know that I have found a great tool that can truly help you in the college selection process.

I want to introduce you to Coach Grewe and his new computer app called RecruitsIQ.

I first want to say that his company, iRecruit1440, is NOT a recruiting service and will not give false expectations, nor promise they can place you in a college program.

Coach Grewe served for many years as a college baseball coach and we both agree that skill, talent, performance, and grades will be the determining factors for you. On top of that, he knows the college game and the recruiting process on a very high level. He even recruited the nation’s #1 ranked class as a college recruiter. So, this platform comes from a college coaching perspective.

So, check it out … RecruitsIQ is a unique computer app that scores the key program attributes of all college baseball teams … From there, you can determine which program attributes are critical to you and rank their importance level. RecruitsIQ will then tell you how you match with programs and schools that you have an interest in attending.

You can’t get this anywhere else … Only Coach Grewe, and the iRecruit1440 platform, has the patent-rights to score college athletic programs. So, it goes without saying that this is very unique. This computer app provides unmatched access to see how programs and schools compare against each other. And this is only the start. They are building a much more advanced version 2.0 right now with historical trends and a bunch more data and features. So if you signup today for an all-access membership, you will get all those features for free.

Now, I am not sending this to you to force you to sign up … That is 100% your choice.

It is simply my goal to make sure you to have every advantage possible and to know what’s new in the baseball world!

All you need to do is click the button below that says (CKECK IT OUT NOW). 

I do want you to know that Coach Grewe is offering college scholarship opportunities for all his members and he is also donating baseball items back to baseball programs and academies as a thank you.


SAVE MONEY and TIME ... Now, for the first-time ever, the recruitable athlete can control the recruiting process and leverage their talent to obtain the best scholarship at the right fit school. 

Taking confusion and frustration out of the recruiting process!

RecruitsIQ is the only software platform in existence that organizes team data by scoring each and every key team attribute.

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The nation's FIRST and ONLY all-inclusive data-driven college sports RESEARCH PLATFORM ... designed and built for the recruitable athlete and parent.

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