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We operate at the intersection of big data and college recruiting

RecruitsIQ is a college recruiting intelligence (computer) software program. Now, for the first-time ever, YOU - the recruitable high-school player - can know every thing about every program before coaches start contacting you!

The nation's FIRST and ONLY all-inclusive data-driven college sports RESEARCH PLATFORM ... designed and built for the recruitable athlete and parent.

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SAVE MONEY and TIME ... Now, for the first-time ever, the recruitable athlete can control the recruiting process and leverage their talent to obtain the best scholarship at the right fit school. 

Taking confusion and frustration out of the recruiting process!

RecruitsIQ is the only software platform in existence that organizes team data by scoring each and every key team attribute.

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A computer software platform that organizes performance data, historical trends, and recruiting tendencies of college athletic teams and then places it at the fingertips of college-bound athletes..

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Here's the TRUTH

The vast majority of high school athletes and parents lack the knowledge and understanding of the college recruiting process. Even the families who experience it with one child can be overwhelmed going through it again with another child. Many recruits and parents just let the process run its course. And ultimately, the college recruiting process leaves them feeling confused, frustrated, and/or left out.

Even in 2018, there are no easy ways of evaluating college sport programs. On top of that, the recruiting process will always be the lifeblood of college athletics. Nothing will ever change from a college coaches perspective. They will always want the best players possible to win games!

Therefore, recruitable athletes need help. And the solution is to eliminate confusion and create balance by putting power into the hands of the athlete by using data and technology!

We EMPOWER the recruitable athlete to fulfill their DREAM by finding and committing to the right FIT program with the right fit SCHOLARSHIP.

WHY is this so important?

Because confusion exists and the process can be hard to figure out!

It's easy to understand that there are multiple factors that go into the college selection process (cost of scholarship, cost of school, playing opportunities, location of school, reputation of coach, success of programs).

Then, the competitive nature of the industry creates a lack of transparency. Players and families have a very difficult time knowing the truth and inner workings of every program.

Finally, every recruit has different needs and wants and therefore, the process is unique for each athlete and always based on talent.

So what has to happen? Disruptive CHANGE that balances the entire recruiting process for everyone involved yet, empowers the high school athlete.

We are providing this needed change via our RecruitsIQ computer software platform.

Now, instead of being confused with what coaches are saying, overwhelmed with school options, or frustrated with the limited amount of time to choose a dream school, high school athletes and families NOW HAVE a centralized platform to research, find, and compare college athletic teams against each other.


  • The #1 college comparison software platform for recruitable high school athletes and parents
  • The FIRST and ONLY data-driven solution that provides an OBJECTIVE evaluation of all college programs
  • The must-have STARTING POINT for every high school athlete who desires to play college sports
  • Built by a D1 National Championship Collegiate Baseball Coach
  • Designed by the nation's #1 college baseball recruiter, who landed the Nation's #1 ranked recruiting class
  • Benefit #1: TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY

    True OBJECTIVE data on every college baseball program at every level

  • Benefit #2: OPPORTUNITIES

    The recruitable athlete will open more doors and opportunities than ever before

It is proven that both parents and athletes feel the college recruiting experience is less stressful and more enjoyable when they have thorough knowledge of the college program before being offered a scholarship or roster spot. They say making a decision is so much easier.

  • Benefit #3: SAVE MONEY

    Families can save tens of thousands of dollars per year trying to get exposure and visiting schools

  • Benefit #4: SAVE TIME

    Eliminates the wasted time searching the internet for hard-to-find information and truth on college programs, coaches, and team rosters

  • Benefit #5: SAVE MORE MONEY

    Eliminates the need of “wasted money” on a so-called “recruiting service” that provides false hopes and are not used by college coaches


    Learn exactly what college coaches are looking for and how the recruiting process works

Eliminate stress & confusion by compare performance data


    INSTEAD OF STRESSING OVER WHETHER OR NOT YOUR CHILD WILL GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY AT THE NEXT LEVEL AND YOU CAN AFFORD THE RISING COST OF TUITION The RecruitsIQ program comparison page will give you a side-by-side layout displaying academic data, school information, as well as, baseball program data and information. 

Know every option - Search over 1660 schools


    INSTEAD OF HOPING YOUR DREAM SCHOOLS WILL ACTIVELY COME AFTER YOU AND OFFER A SCHOLARSHIP … The RecruitsIQ school filters page will help you find schools that may have never been on your radar but are actually the RIGHT FIT school and program for you … based on your preferences. 

Eliminate any doubt - Find the perfect FIT school


    INSTEAD OF WASTING TIME ON THE INTERNET RESEARCHING EVERY PROGRAM THAT SENDS YOU A LETTER AND WONDERING IF A PROGRAM IS A GOOD FIT … The RecruitsIQ algorithm will display each schools FITFACTOR score, indicating either a positive or negative match according to your personal traits and preferred college preferences.

Increase confidence - Choose what's important to you


    INSTEAD OF GUESSING ON THE TRUTH OF A PROGRAM FROM WHAT YOU HEAR FROM OTHERS and FALLING FOR FALSE PROMISES … The RecruitsIQ program preferences page will enable you to rank the critical factors important for you and get a very transparent view of the baseball program and its level of performance excellence according to your wants (matching and scoring tools). 

Increase your odds and leverage your talent


    INSTEAD OF WAITING TO SEE IF A SCHOOL WILL RECRUIT YOU … The RecruitsIQ coach communication page will enable you to send targeted emails, written by a D1 recruiting coordinator who landed the nation’s #1 ranked class, based on the proper recruiting timelines, recruiting cycles, and evaluation periods. NOTE: Most emails from recruiting services get deleted by college coaches. 


Flip on the TV and turn on any MLB baseball game, and within the first 10 minutes, you will see a defensive shift implemented. WHY, because data doesn't LIE. It doesn't always tell the complete truth, but it doesn't lie. MLB teams have been quick to use data and technology to help them win. Look at the MLB teams who are doing it the best ... They lead divisions and win championships (aka Astros).

We are taking this same approach to the college selection process.

So, if data doesn't LIE, and your can't judge a book by its cover, then data and technology should be used in the college selection and recruiting process. Coach David Grewe, and his team, have created a very detailed algorithm that ranks and scores every KEY aspect of a college baseball program. On top of that, their computer application matches athletes with schools and programs via the TWO ranking scores produced through the algorithm. An overall score that indicates how a program ranks according to every KEY attribute. And then a "FITFACTOR" score that aligns a program to an athlete's chosen preferences.

See, from Coach Grewe's experiences coaching at the college level, you can't just say a program is elite because they had a good winning percentage. It's critical to look at the entire program and all the performance attributes. How did they do in the post-season? Did they graduate their players? Did they prepare their players for the key moments of the game? Did they have good leadership? Did they develop their hitters? How about their pitchers? And on, and on, and on ...

From an insider perspective, we have created the most objective standard (we don't believe in opinions) and comprehensive platform of scoring college baseball programs ... according to the KEY attributes below:

  • Yearly W/L %
  • Hitting Development
  • Pitching Development
  • Fielding Development
  • Program Support
  • Program Leadership
  • Structural Development
  • Recruiting Balance (Version 2.0)
  • Recruiting Rankings (Version 2.0)
  • Positional Balance (Version 2.0)
  • Post Season Advancement
  • Overall Competitiveness
  • Conference Competitiveness
  • Pro Ball Preparation
  • Game Day Preparation
  • Program Stability
  • Academic Success
  • Player Retention (Version 2.0)
  • Player Honors (Version 2.0)
  • JUCO Placement (Version 2.0)

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We are NOT a recruiting company, yet we give the recruitable athlete everything the so "recruiting companies" provide and way, way, more,

  • Learn from EXPERTS ... and ONLY Experts

    Never waste money on services and false promises, especially when built and run by individuals with out college coaching and recruiting experiences. Only spend money when you can learn from expert coaches and recruiters.

  • Sortable College Database

    Eliminates the wasted time searching the internet for hard-to-find information and compete truth on college programs, coaches, etc.

  • Ability to Select Program Preferences

    For the first time EVER, recruits can choose what’s important to them, and then our platform / algorithm will score programs and display best-fit matching scores.

  • Equal and Objective Scoring of Every College Program

    No more opinions from friends, fake news from internet chat rooms, or misguidance from coaches or supporters.

What People Are Saying About Using RecruitsIQ Version1.0

  • John - Tennessee Tech

    I really appreciate being able to use the RecruitsIQ platform. We made the right decision because the opportunity I have is amazing. This application proved to me that Tech is a legit program and exactly what I want. I loved being able to choose the program preferences.

  • Sullivan - Bethel College

    This process was hard for me. I really couldn’t have done this on my own. I was expecting coaches to find me, and it wasn’t until I did the research did I find several additional options for me. I also used a recruiting service but they didn’t do anything for me. I did all my own search through RecruitsIQ. It was very helpful.

  • Grant - Crowley CC

    My dream is to play D1 ball. My summer coach told me I’m not ready yet. So, when I decided to go the juco route, I used Coach Grewe’s RecruitIQ platform. I was able to compare all the juco programs in Texas and Kansas. I loved it. It was so easy to use.

  • Nick - Clemson

    For me it was all about validating if this was the right fit. I had several offers and when I found out about the RecruitsIQ software, I wanted to see how the schools compared to each other. I have an awesome summer coach who helped me, but when I used the application it showed me that my commitment was right for me.

Nashville, TN



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